Independent Seller Program

Are you looking for a way to earn some extra cash without investing any money and with zero risk?

We've got an opportunity for you! With our custom, personalized jewelry and gifts, it's very easy to start making money.

We created this platform for our Independent Seller Program, here we reward people who sell our products with a commission ladder based on quantities sold.

How to Join Our Program:

Click on the tab called: Make Money With Us and register, we will send you a special code which you will need to use every time you place an order.

After that you can download or ask us to send you good quality images of our products, item descriptions or anything else you need to use on Facebook, Instagram or anywhere else to promote the products and find customers.

How Much Can I Earn:

Commissions break down:

If you sell:
1-10 items in one month - you receive 20% commission
11-20 items in one month - you receive 25% commission
30+ in one month - you receive 35% commission

This is might seem like not a huge income, but it might be a nice opportunity for stay at home moms or someone who is looking for additional income.

And for someone who has many friends, contacts and enjoys selling (and can land corporate orders or weddings or other bigger events) this can actually be a very rewarding opportunity.

Given the fact that there is zero financial investment and zero risk, this will be a nice opportunity for unemployed or students.

We can also accept custom orders, for example you find a restaurant that needs numbers made for their tables with their logo and QR code, you let us know, we create a mockup and you make a deal with the restaurant and keep 20-35% of that sale.

You don't need to buy anything upfront, just find a buyer, place an order on our website, and we will take care of everything else. If necessary, we can ship the items or deliver them in person.

We can ship worldwide so you don’t need to necessarily be in Portugal, you can find clients in any country.

Join us today and start selling our beautiful and unique products - and start earning money today!