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Custom Board Game Personalized Christmas Themed Family Board Game - Family Gifts 2023

Custom Board Game Personalized Christmas Themed Family Board Game - Family Gifts 2023

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Christmas Themed Custom Board Game customized and personalized just for you!
Absolutely unique gift, that will give you a chance to spend quality time together with your children making memories and fun!

For Personalized Option leave a note:

4 players

Nick - player #2
Jennifer - player #9
Sarah - player #5
Steve - player #11

Family Name - Johnson

Standard Option - we will print «Our Family» on the board with default characters (see images).

Rush to be the first to sit by the fireplace and open the presents!
Quick delightful, easy to follow game, hand drawn and produced in our workshop.
If you have no idea what to give to your family or friends this year - this is it, they will love you for giving them so much fun!

❄ What's Included:❄
✧ Personalized Game Board
✧ 6 pawns
✧ 2 dices
✧ Immeasurable fun

❄ ❄ ❄ ❄ ❄ ❄ ❄ 

✧ High Quality
✧ Meaningful
✧ One of a kind
✧ Gift-ready 
❤ Ready to ship in 1-3 business days
❤ Tracking Available

❤ Shop authentic ❤ Shop BeGenuine ❤

❄ Your family name can be printed on the box and on the board game, up to 6 names can be put on the stocking on the fire place, the characters on the board can have different hair color, beard, glasses and so on to resemble your family members.

It’s the week before Christmas and the Jonson's family (your family name can be printed on the Box) is on the way to spend the holiday with relatives in Winter Wonderland.

They look forward to baking gingerbread houses, ice skating, and trimming the tree with garlands of popcorn and peppermint candy canes.
And of course, to opening lots and lots of presents! They happily set out from home but soon questions begin to arise.

Did they remember to lock the front door? Should they take the city route and risk traffic on the bridge, or head through the countryside and visit the Christmas markets?
Will the legendary Ice Forest Monster emerge and chase them to the Haunted Stone Castle?
What if they have car trouble? Will something magically appear to save the day?

The Jonson's take turns making decisions on how to proceed to their final destination, where a crackling fireside and mugs of steaming hot chocolate await.

Come along for the ride with your family in this delightful game suitable for 2 to 6 players, ages 4 and up.

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